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At KUNG FU FXBG, we offer instruction in the Centerline martial art of Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu, in Fredericksburg, VA. We teach the Ving Tsun system exclusively, for health & self-defense, as handed down in the Moy Tung clan of the Moy Yat Kung Fu family in the Yip Man (Ip Man) lineage.

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Sifu Erik Larson Right Hand Chung Choi Center Punch KUNG FU FXBG Moy Tung Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu martial arts for health and self-defense in Fxbg Fredericksburg Virginia

Ving Tsun Benefits

Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu is an efficient and effective martial art, and it works for self-defense in the real world. Ving Tsun training is challenging and interesting, and it develops discipline, health, fitness and confidence. You and/or your kids will gain practical skills – your Kung Fu may keep you out of trouble, or save your life facing it.

Ving Tsun is simple and direct; no wasted effort. With Ving Tsun’s unique Centerline martial arts training, it’s possible to block and hit at the same time. We train the legs to be strong, so you can stay on your feet in a fight and deliver knock-out blows. We don’t rely on size or strength for self-defense; the power comes from the horse stances, and from training in a relaxed way, on Centerline.

Read more about the benefits of the martial art of Moy Tung Kung Fu in this article from the Richmond Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy: Reasons to Train Moy Tung Ving Tsun Kung Fu and this one from Houston branch Moy Tung Kung Fu: 41 Reasons to Train Wing Chun

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Ving Tsun Training

Ving Tsun (wing chun) martial arts training at KUNG FU FXBG is traditional and authentic, relaxed and informal. There’s no belts, bowing, yelling, tournaments, high-kicking or wrestling. We help you find your way through the Ving Tsun system, but the work you do is your own real kung fu.

Whether you do just the basic Kung Fu Conditioning class for fun, fitness, discipline or self-defense, or if you are working on mastering the entire Ving Tsun martial arts system, you are training real Kung Fu. You can train Ving Tsun as a fun hobby and for self-defense, or as a path to mastery and peak-performance.

At KUNG FU FXBG, with one year of regular practice in the Kung Fu Conditioning class or the Complete Ving Tsun System program, you will have a solid Kung Fu foundation that will serve you for life. In 2-4 years, you can be a Kung Fu/martial arts expert. With 5-10 years of hard work in Moy Tung Kung Fu, you can become a Ving Tsun Sifu and make a rewarding career from teaching an invaluable martial art.

‘Wa ha jun hung fung’ – Ving Tsun Kung Fu is ‘to make the whole nation strong’. KUNG FU FXBG is here for you, the community and the nation.

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Square Chung Choi Fist Center Punch Chinese character Sun KUNG FU FXBG Moy Tung Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu martial arts for health and self-defense in Fxbg Fredericksburg Virginia
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