“Repetition is the mother of learning” is true in Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu

“Repetitio est mater studiorum” is an ancient Roman Latin proverb, translated as “Repetition is the mother of learning.” This statement acknowledges the primacy and power of performing a mental or physical task repeatedly, until one has gained the desired level of proficiency, expertise or mastery. Simply doing something, over and over again, to the best of your knowledge and ability each time, immediately and gradually develops your understanding and ability to a higher level. This is your Kung Fu – a necessary part of developing your Kung Fu.

We put this principle to work in every Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu class at Kung Fu Fxbg. Simply by mindfully and repetitiously training the first Ving Tsun form (sequence of movements and techniques), Siu Nim Tao, Ving Tsun students learn and develop good Kung Fu. Students are regularly exposed to new information, details and exercises, but also new/deeper ways of looking at and performing the same exercises we’ve done hundreds or thousands of times, in order to attain a higher level of insight and muscle conditioning.

The Ving Tsun system is simple, but contains several forms and myriad exercises, drills, techniques and concepts, as well as a system of two-person exercises. In all of these exercises we apply and repeatedly practice a few simple ideas: Face on Centerline; relax within that structure; work your horse.

Mindful, repetitious, diligent practice applying these principles yields good Kung Fu, for your life and health, including the ability to defend yourself.

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