Pak Sao Exercise at KUNG FU FXBG

This is a demonstration of the Ving Tsun (wing chun) Pak Sao (Slap Block) exercise, which incorporates two students taking turns practicing the Pak Sao technique or the Chain Punch. This is the first level two-person exercise in the Moy Tung Ving Tsun system of Chi Sao (Sticking Hands) exercise.

Training this way develops Centerline awareness and control, with relaxed energy and good reflexes trained into the muscles from repetition. The exercise is simple to practice, but challenging to master. Both partners are protecting their centerline while attacking the other person’s.

The centerline and the horse stance get tested, and the legs and whole body and mind get stronger, more relaxed and powerful. You are getting familiar with the range you need to be at to hit someone – and for them to hit you – without actually hitting the other person or getting hit.

The Ving Tsun system of forms and Chi Sao trains you to stand strong on your feet, with a natural and strong centerline structure, so can channel power into strikes and kicks. Playing Ving Tsun forms and conditioning drills alone will develop good centerline structure, relaxed energy and power. This combined with regular practice of the whole Ving Tsun system of two-person exercises that build up to formal Chi Sao, with the details and methods taught in the Moy Tung lineage, will advance your progress even more.

The system of Chi Sao exercises, beginning with Pak Sao, build on the principles trained in the forms. After about a year of training through more than a dozen two-person exercises, a student begins formal Chi Sao training, with contact to the chest, trapping hands and pushing horse with a variety of techniques, energies and strategies. After a year of forms training and the foundational two-person exercises, most students have built up enough Kung Fu to be able to do this kind of training in Chi Sao. More advanced levels of Chi Sao include Chung Chi Sao, Chum Kiu Sao and My Sang Jong.

Ving Tsun training develops a strong horse and centerline control. It trains you to protect your center at the same time your hands and feet are going directly to an attacker’s face, throat, nuts and knees. If you’re being attacked, you know that person is without decency, you may be in a fight for your life, and you need to end it immediately, for yourself and your loved ones.

Fighting is different from Kung Fu training. As Grandmaster Moy Tung has said, “In a fight, it’s not about technique. It’s about how much Kung Fu you have.” So we recommend training hard and developing a lot of Kung Fu for yourself and your community.

Moy Tung Kung Fu training is not for bullies, or those who have committed or been convicted of a violent or sexual offense, fraud or abuse. You must disclose; if you do not you are automatically disqualified. Contact KUNG FU FXBG with questions.

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