Moy Tung: “Everything in Ving Tsun is Iron.”

Moy Tung Ving Tsun wing chun Bong Dar Block Strike

“Everything in Ving Tsun is Iron. Iron Fist. Iron Will. Iron Body.” – Moy Yat Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu Grandmaster Anthony Moy Tung, at the Jan 30 Kung Fu Fxbg Iron Conditioning workshop in Fredericksburg, Va. ‘Iron is relaxed; it’s not tense; it’s solid. With Ving Tsun training, you can fill your body with Kung Fu from the inside out, and outside in.’

Iron training began informally on Friday, with 2-hour workouts, noon and evening. The official workshop started in earnest on Saturday, with a dozen in-person participants, and another two dozen on Zoom.

Moy Tung Iron Fxbg Zoom Group

Four Kung Fu generations were present, with Ving Tsun students ranging in experience from one month to 30 years. Grandmaster Moy Tung was directing activities for the whole four hours, from 1-5pm. On Sunday, he hosted a 2-hour discussion with Q&A.

As always, training began on Saturday with Siu Nim Tao. Grandmaster Moy Tung recalled how Grandmaster Moy Yat used to say that playing one Siu Nim Tao was like wrapping one steel strand around another, forming a strong, thick cable over time.

Another insight is how Ving Tsun forms and Chi Sao training provide the essential whole body fist Iron conditioning, without even using equipment such as sao bao’s. And how it trains the body to respond naturally, without effort, just as iron makes no effort to maintain its strength and form; it just is.

Grandmaster Moy Tung would assign training tasks with focused study to the local and zoom groups, which participants then worked hard at. Periodically, he explained and demonstrated Ving Tsun details and techniques.

Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu training were a particular focus of this workshop, as well as various fighting applications of techniques and training methods. Moy Tung delivered Kung Fu knowledge in memorable ways, but in such volume that participants will likely need to review the included video for the workshop to fully sink in and be revealed.

Multiple cameras captured good footage from different angles. Participants get access to the raw video, but there’s enough material to create at least three 30-60″ edited videos covering different subjects, another project. If you’re a Moy Tung lineage student who missed the workshop but would ilke to get the raw video for the Zoom Workshop price of $75, send it via paypal to kungfufxbg@gmail.com no later than Friday, Feb 19.

Moy Tung Chum Kiu iron punch 1
Moy Tung Chum Kiu iron punch 2

Participants finished Saturday training physically and mentally exhausted, and went home to relax and sleep. The traditional post-workout Saturday dinner was forgone due to circumstances, but a close Kung Fu family meal with Moy Tung happened later that night.

Moy Tung Iron Kung Fu Fxbg Group Photo



At the end of Saturday’s workout, Grandmaster Moy Tung invited participants to a follow up Zoom session on Sunday. This lasted two hours, with Moy Tung discussing Kung Fu at length, inviting input from students, and occasionally turning the floor over to his direct student, Grandmaster Aaron Vyvial of the Austin, TX branch school. Moy Tung graciously sought and answered questions, something he’s been doing more of in recent years.


Moy Tung Iron Fxbg Sunday Zoom Gallery Screenshot

We capped Grandmaster Moy Tung’s Fredericksburg visit with a late lunch at another great local establishment, sharing Kung Fu life and family time. Many thanks to my Sifu, Moy Tung, for making the first anniversary workshop at the Fredericksburg branch school such an enriching, rewarding and memorable experience.

And thank you to everyone who supported and participated in this workshop. The first batch of video will up soon; if you registered, look for an email in the next couple days.

Moy Tung Iron Fxbg Sunday Dinner
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