Due to Gov. Northam’s COVID-19 Coronavirus order, Kung Fu Fxbg is only offering online classes for the general public, through April 23. Click for more info and booking.

In Fredericksburg, Va, the best way to find out what Ving Tsun (wing chun) training is like at KUNG FU FXBG, and what it can do for you, is to do some training. First lessons by appointment only; use the 10to8 booking widget on this site to book conveniently.


  • Kids 10-14 + Parents: MWF 6-630p
  • Men: MWF 7a or 7p
  • Women: Tu Th 7a & Sat 9a

MONEY-BACK INTRO GUARANTEE – If you don’t like your first class, you can have your money back.

One-Week Kung Fu Conditioning Course (Kids 10-14 + Parents) – $15: Learn the basics of self-defense & the Moy Tung Ving Tsun Kung Fu system in 30″ non-contact coed group classes – up to 3 classes for just $15.

One-Week Ving Tsun Intro Course – $30: This course includes a week of Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu training – up to 3 classes. Each class includes 30″ of forms and drills, followed by 30″ of two-person exercises with practical applications. Separate classes for men & women ages 14+

Ving Tsun Private Lesson – $50. Book at a time and place convenient for you. Lessons may be tailored to address personal needs and interests. 

Free 30″ Non-Contact Kung Fu Conditioning Workshops for public service groups. More info below. Contact KUNG FU FXBG for info.

For e-Gift Cards, visit the KUNG FU FXBG Store on Squareup.com

Kung Fu Fxbg Moves Online Due to Virginia Coronavirus Order


The non-contact self-defense & Kung Fu Conditioning class is suitable for beginners and regular students. Your first class is only $5, and you can bring a friend free. The class is taught separately to men & women, ages 14+ (w/ parent/guardian authorization).

Training consists of the first Ving Tsun (wing chun) form, Siu Nim Tao, and Moy Tung Kung Fu conditioning drills that build good self-defense fighting skills. The forms are relaxed, but we’re using and training the whole body, and breathing deep. During drills your heart and lungs will be pumping, you’ll burn and build muscle and kung fu energy, and you may sweat. 

Regular training is month-to-month – no long term commitment required.

See Online Booking Page
Sifu Erik Larson Left Hand Chung Choi Center Punch KUNG FU FXBG Moy Tung Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu martial arts for health and self-defense in Fxbg Fredericksburg Virginia
Sifu Erik Larson Left Tan Sao KUNG FU FXBG Moy Tung Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu martial arts for health and self-defense in Fxbg Fredericksburg Virginia


You can book a one-hour first lesson in the Complete Ving Tsun (wing chun) System, and bring a friend free, for just $15. This class includes the 30″ Kung Fu Conditioning Class as a prerequisite for the stationary two-person Pak Sao exercise, and the technique applications taught in the second half of the class.

Regular training requires a 1-2 year agreement; if you work hard, in one year you will learn the first 3 Ving Tsun forms and be introduced to formal Chi Sao training. In your second year, you can learn the 8 sections of the Jong form, the Kwan form, and be introduced to advanced Chi Sao training.


You may schedule one hour private lessons in the Ving Tsun (wing chun) system of martial arts for self-defense at a time and place convenient for you, for individuals and groups. All new students start training at the beginning, but private lessons can be tailored more to individual or group needs. During this time we can also better address any personal questions and interests you may have.

The introductory rate for private Ving Tsun lessons at the school is $50, with a $20 travel charge in Fredericksburg City, and $30 in the Rappahannock region. Contact KUNG FU FXBG to schedule at your location.


For local non-profit public interest groups and government agencies serving the community, KUNG FU FXBG offers free 30″ non-contact Kung Fu Conditioning self-defense workshops, at our school or your location, for between 10-50 participants. Eligible groups are those serving students, teachers, mil/vets, police/fire/rescue, as well as certain health pros & community non-profits. On regular training programs, 10% discount for same.

Other companies and orgs may schedule Kung Fu Conditioning and other Ving Tsun & self-defense workshops at the introductory rate of $50/hr for groups of up to ten, with rates on a sliding scale up to fifty participants.



  • If you have a history of violent/sex crime, fraud, theft or abuse, contact KUNG FU FXBG before scheduling. Background checks are done on all students.
  • Arrive 10″ early to fill out an info/Release form.
  • Drink plenty of water before class, and avoid eating a heavy meal.
  • Wear dark, loose pants and a T-shirt.

KUNG FU FXBG is conveniently located at 2011 Princess Anne St., Ste. 202, Fredericksburg, Va 22401, North of historic Old Town Fredericksburg, and a block away from the Mason-Dixon Cafe, 7 blocks SE of Route 1. The school’s on the second floor, stairs-only. There’s free parking on the streets, and down the block at Central Station.

Bus Stop 146 at Carl’s on the FRED F5 bus route [PDF]. Visit RideFred.com


Open Door China KUNG FU FXBG Moy Tung Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu martial arts for health and self-defense in Fxbg Fredericksburg Virginia
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