Sat, Feb 1 in Fxbg: Free Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu Workshop

Pak Sao Slap Block. Ving Tsun wing chun Kung Fu two-person exercise for self-defense training
Sat, Feb 1, learn the basics of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu for no cost at KUNG FU FXBG. We teach the Moy Tung system, as taught by Moy Yat & Yip Man (Ip Man), back to the Southern Shaolin Temple of China.
Ving Tsun’s simple principles and training methods are great for health & fitness, and efficient & effective for self-defense in the unpredictable real world. This training gives you strong legs so you can stay on your feet in a fight, with hands and feet that can block + hit at the same time. By training relaxed with Ving Tsun’s unique centerline principles, it’s possible to overcome attackers who are bigger and stronger.
On Saturday, you can choose between:
30″ class: Non-contact Kung Fu Conditioning with forms and drills.
60″ class: After the forms & drills, learn Pak Sao, a stationary two-person technique drilling exercise, as well as technique applications and Q&A.
In either class, you’ll get: an introduction to training in an ancient & authentic Kung Fu system; a great whole-body workout that builds Kung Fu muscle & energy; and technique applications and strategies you can use effectively for self-defense.
9a: Women 14+
10a: Kids 10-14 + Parents (30″ Kung Fu Conditioning only)
11a: Men 14+
Limited to 10 per class – Reserve your place today by messaging KUNG FU FXBG at kungfufxbg.com/contact, email info@kungfufxbg.com or call/text 540-289-0952
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