Intro Course with Money-Back Guarantee – If you don’t like the first class, you can have your money back.

  • One-Week Kung Fu Conditioning Course. Coed, non-contact, for Kids 10-14 + Parents: $15
  • One-Week Ving Tsun Intro Course. Separate classes for Men and Women, ages 14+: $30

Do the training and see how you like it – then we can talk about your goals for Kung Fu training, and an appropriate program.

Class schedule

* First lessons by appointment only.

  • Kids 10-14 + Parents: MWF 6-630p
  • Men 14+: MWF 7a or 7p
  • Women 14+: Tu Th 7a & Sat 9a

Classes coming soon for Kids 10-14+ Parents – contact KUNG FU FXBG if interested.

benefits of ving tsun (wing chun) kung fu

  • Ving Tsun gives you a full-body workout using your own body – get Kung Fu strong.
  • Learn simple, practical strategies & techniques for self-defense.
  • Develop strong legs that will keep you on your feet in a fight, and powerful hands that can block + hit at the same time.
  • Learn simple, productive training methods you can practice on your own.
  • Ancient system, authentic lineage – Moy Tung learned from Moy Yat, who learned from Yip Man (Ip Man)


  • The Ving Tsun system is based on the form, Siu Nim Tao. Practicing this form teaches and develops Kung Fu, in particular Ving Tsun’s unique Centerline principles that enable simultaneous attack & defense. There are two other empty hand forms in the Ving Tsun system (Chum Kiu, Biu Ge), as well as a form practiced with a Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong), and two weapons forms; pole and knives.
  • Conditioning drills based on the forms.
  • Chi Sao (Sticking Hands) system of two-person exercises that further develops basic principles such as centerline, relaxed energy and strong horse stances, in addition to developing and honing techniques and applications.
  • Practical applications of techniques.

your First class

  • Arrive 10″ early for paperwork.
  • Dress to workout T-shirt and dark athletic pants is ideal.
  • Drink plenty of water beforehand, and avoid a heavy meal.
  • Training is relaxed and largely informal; Relax, pay attention and enjoy learning.
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